Inherent danger
In a world where digital technology and information play an increasingly important role, the management of cyber threats has become a fundamental component of doing business.
Companies are shifting from bricks to clicks and the criminals are following. Anyone who takes advantage of the opportunities these new technologies bring, and does so in the most secure way possible, has an undeniable competitive advantage.
As cybercrime is increasing in frequency, size and sophistication, it is clear that technological defences alone are no longer sufficient to protect a business from attacks. Cybercrime has evolved from being a vertically integrated, individualistic activity, to an extremely sophisticated and well-organised, distributed operation, where stolen data is traded and matched on exchanges, and highly specialised individuals are getting in on the action.
Previously copycats, or ‘script kiddies’, provided malware by way of exchanges. Today cybercrime is a big business conducted by highly skilled people with the ability and qualifications to cause significant damage.