Everyone’s future
At Deloitte Belgium our core mission is to help our clients build a better future for their businesses. Consistent with this vision, we apply the same approach in our work with a wide range of social organisations, to help build a better tomorrow for society as a whole.
Close the Gap and Deloitte: a decade of collaboration
We do this through the Deloitte Foundation. Overseeing our corporate responsibility strategy, the foundation provides added visibility to the projects in which we participate. They focus on education, innovation and entrepreneurship. These are areas that express Deloitte’s culture as a coaching and learning organisation, and make the best use of our skills so that our efforts can have greater impact. At a deeper level, both our work for clients and our social projects are inspired by the four global shared values that bind Deloitte employees together worldwide: integrity, outstanding value to markets and clients, commitment to each other, and strength through cultural diversity. Guiding everything we do, these values take on a special significance when expressed through the activities of the Deloitte Foundation.
The Deloitte Foundation