Like all Deloitte member firms, Deloitte Belgium is structured as a partnership headed by an Executive Committee. In addition, an elected Supervisory Board with a high degree of independence is responsible for governance activities and ensuring the firm is soundly managed.
Along with their management and supervisory functions for the firm as a whole, the members of both the Executive Committee and Supervisory Board deal with clients on a daily basis. This keeps the two bodies grounded in business reality and connected to our rapidly changing world.
All our partners are mindful of their role in society, their responsibility as employers and their obligations to clients. As professionals they know that when our clients succeed and grow, the economy improves. When they innovate and improve products and services, consumers benefit. And when they operate ethically and sustainably, society becomes stronger. As employers they know that our people are what make Deloitte. That’s why they provide an environment where people can grow professionally and ​develop fulfilling careers.
The partnership model
Our partnership model helps clients and employees achieve their aims through leadership, insight, expertise and a multidisciplinary approach. Partners bring a ​​tremendous variety of skills and backgrounds. Yet they function as a team, aligned with a common vision and shared values.
​​ It is this model that sets us apart from other businesses and allows us to unlock the full potential of our talent to create innovative solutions that bring long-term value. In this way, the partners of Deloitte Belgium are looking beyond today to ensure that the firm we leave to the next generation is in even better shape than the firm we inherited.
Frank Verhaegen Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Chairman’s statement
Looking towards tomorrow