Navigating the future
Deloitte Leadership
Who heads Deloitte Belgium? Our partners own and control the firm. Yet the primary concern of most partners remains their client service responsibilities. The Executive Committee manages Deloitte’s day-to-day activities, with the Supervisory Board excercising an oversight function. Together they provide a robust and effective leadership structure.
Chief Executive Officer
Executive Committee
The EXCO is in charge of managing and expanding the firm, while sharing some responsibilities with the business unit management committees, the Supervisory Board and the partners as a whole. Who is part of EXCO? Lieve Creten (Managing Partner Financial Advisory), Olivier de Groote (Managing Partner Clients & Markets), Tom Declercq (Managing Partner Talent), Michel Denayer (Managing Partner Audit and Enterprise Risk Services), Nikolaas Tahon (Managing Partner Accountancy), Koen Vandaele (Managing Partner Consulting), Piet Vandendriessche (Managing Partner Tax and Legal), Guido Vandervorst, (Managing Partner Innovation), Rik Vanpeteghem (CEO) and Geert Verstraeten (COO). The Chairman of the Supervisory Board regularly attends meetings as an observer.
Supervisory Board
The Supervisory Board is the primary oversight body. Its main responsibilities are to review and discuss matters affecting partners in their capacities as firm owners, and to verify the proper application of all relevant agreements. It is fully independent from management and is composed of elected members, including a chairman. The members of the Board are: Marc Bafort, André Claes, Christian Combes, Philippe Delcourt, Joël Lebersorg, Philip Maeyaert, Guy Van De Velde, Marc Vanroose, Wim Vergeylen, Frank Verhaegen (Chairman), Laurent Weerts, Hilde Wittemans.
Reporting to the Supervisory Board every quarter, the CEO is elected for a four-year term and may serve a maximum of two terms. EXCO members are appointed by the CEO, and also serve four-year terms. Together with the EXCO, the CEO defines the strategic course of the firm.
Lieve Creten, Managing Pa​rtner FA
Olivier de Groote, Clients & Markets
Tom Declercq, Managing Partner Talent
Michel Denayer, Managing Partner AERS
Nikolaas Tahon, Managing Partner Accountancy
Koen Vandaele, Managing Partner Consulting
Piet Vandendriessche, Managing Partner Tax & Legal
​Guido Vandervorst, Managing Partner Innovation
Rik Vanpeteghem, CEO
Gee​rt Verstraeten, COO