At Deloitte, we are convinced that the quality of our talent enables us to successfully serve and adapt to the needs of our clients, and ultimately to maintain our leading position within the Belgian market. However, for our firm to attract and retain the very best and brightest – and help them to achieve their potential, we must continuously ask ourselves “what does the talent of tomorrow seek from a business like ours?”
Ethics Programme
Every one of our people knows how vital integrity and ethical behaviour are to maintaining our reputation and ensuring the success of our firm. We also see that our new hires increasingly value strong business ethics, and the Deloitte Millennial survey shows that this is especially true for the “super-connected millennials” who rely on social media to a high degree. However, recognising and overcoming ethical issues is made complex by the economic, social and political environments in which we operate, as well as by the global and culturally diverse nature of our work. This is why we rely on the Deloitte ethics programme to ensure that every individual feels empowered to do the right thing and make choices that we can be proud of at all times.
“When looking at their career goals, our new hires look beyond our business objectives. Indeed, they are just as interested in how we develop our people and in how we contribute to society. In other words, they look at our purpose – which, at Deloitte, is all about making an impact that matters.”
Tom Declercq, Managing Partner Talent, Deloitte Belgium
Today’s generation of talent perceives traditional business objectives and the long-term future of an organisation as going hand-in-hand with a sense of purpose and wider societal impact, with an effort to drive innovation, and - above all - with the consideration of employee wellbeing and growth and development. It is according to these criteria that the talent of tomorrow recognises companies as being leaders. These are the key findings of the latest Deloitte Millennial survey, which asked close to 8000 respondents from 29 countries, and all born after 1982, to provide their view on effective leadership and how businesses operate and affect society. According to the results, business in the 21st century should focus on people and purpose, not just products and profits. At Deloitte, we’ve chosen to embody these focal points, people and purpose in all that we do. We are convinced that our firm has a crucial role to play in building a better society. This is why we set up the Deloitte Foundation, which oversees our corporate responsibility strategy, and through which we collaborate with a variety of organisations on projects focusing on on education, innovation and entrepreneurship. Further in this report, you can read about the specific initiatives we take part in. At Deloitte we recognise the value of our talent and are proud to have a culture that promotes employee development. We offer flexibility and room to grow, but those are just a few of the reasons why people enjoy working at Deloitte. We have many programmes and initiatives to ensure that employee development and wellbeing continues and remains a priority, from an employee’s first day.
Talent of tomorrow
This year, we’ve launched a revamped Energise@Deloitte programme! The update is designed to help our people optimise their health and wellbeing so that they can excel at and outside of work. The programme allows everyone at Deloitte to set personal fitness and healthy-eating targets via an online platform, and to participate in a wide variety of sporting events and activities that promote general health and wellbeing. Our health and wellbeing efforts will also expand with the move of our Deloitte Belgium headquarters to the Gateway building at Brussels Airport, scheduled for the end of 2016. Our new location, situated directly on the tarmac, will feature a gym accessible to all of our people, and excellent transport connections - which we hope will encourage employees to opt in favour of a bike ride or walk for part of their journey to and from the office.
Growth & development
Coaching culture & Deloitte University EMEA (DUE)
“Today’s generation of talent seeks more from our business than in previous decades. Every day, our people send a very strong signal that they expect us to pursue a different and better way of operating, based on a clearly defined purpose, innovative spirit and strong leadership.”
Rik Vanpeteghem, CEO, Deloitte Belgium
Through our coaching culture, we do our best to train and develop our talent so that they have the skills, experience and confidence to meet their career ambitions. We invest heavily in the training and development of our people, so that they truly feel they are making a meaningful contribution to our organisational objectives. To this end, Deloitte has partnered with Dolce Hotels and Resorts for the hosting of centrally organised training - Dolce La Hulpe Brussels is the primary location for DUE. Deloitte and Dolce have worked closely on investments in specific facility requirements in order to deliver an outstanding Deloitte learning experience.
The programmes within the DUE curriculum were designed to ensure that learning remains an integral part of the workplace and is practically applied in the most effective way. The curriculum was developed to bring high value to business and includes business development, leadership, functional, and industry learning. DUE courses are led by current Deloitte leaders who share their knowledge and on-the-job experiences in a tailored classroom setting.