In March 2015, Deloitte launched Tomorrow is Today, a campaign aimed to raise awareness of how data analytics, cyber security, digital enterprise and innovation create disruption across all industries, at an exponential pace. The content-rich approach utilised multiple channels such as print (across 3 newspapers), radio and online. Internally, Deloitte employees were keen to adopt the “Tomorrow is Today” frame of mind and, through several internal initiatives, became campaign champions. Read on to discover more about exponential technologies and how they are affecting businesses everywhere.
Are you ready?
There is no way to escape the speed at which innovations happen. Exponential progress disrupts prices, products and business models. But it also offers opportunity – if you are prepared to ride the wave of disruption.
Disruptive growth
In 2007, the cost of a drone was €360,000. Today, you can get one for €90. In less than ten years, this technology has evolved from expensive and complicated to an innovative, easy to buy gadget that can wreak havoc on business models of postal and e-commerce companies. Or take 3D-printers. In just seven years, they have become 400 times cheaper. It wasn’t long ago that robots were considered science fiction, now they are emerging in all industries. Barely two decades after the general introduction of the internet, smart clock radios, thermostats and watches are widely available.
We live in a new world, a world where technology evolves at exponential speed. The impact of exponential innovations is astounding. Take the smartphone in your pocket. It has a camera, satellite navigation and maybe even a couple of e-books. It offers virtual alternatives for products which we used to buy individually. When a simple virtual alternative is suddenly available, the original product quickly drops in value and is accessible everywhere and to everyone. This evolution characterises what we call ‘disruptive growth’: progress by disruption.
“The future belongs to those who are not afraid to look at the world from a different perspective and are already looking for tomorrow’s innovative solutions today.”
Rik Vanpeteghem, CEO, Deloitte Belgium
Tomorrow is Today