What will ‘tomorrow’ bring for your company?
With exponential technologies in mind, it is clear that we are living in a new world, a world where technology is evolving faster than ever before. Are ​​​​​companies ready for tomorrow? Olivier de Groote, Managing Partner Clients & Markets, takes stock of the situation for the Belgian economy.
"All of our clients in every industry are facing the challenge of understanding the business impact of these exponential technologies in terms of timing and predictability,” says Olivier De Groote.
“Who could have said that Skype would become the biggest international provider of ​communication, without its own network infrastructure? Or that Apple would become the biggest music retailer, without even selling one CD? Over the past decade, the average lifespan of companies dropped to less than 20 years.”
Olivier continues, “As the future becomes increasingly difficult to predict, everyone has to ask themselves what tomorrow will bring for their company.”
The ever-evolving business landscape will continue to pose new challenges for our clients. This reality obliges us to reflect deeply on how we at Deloitte can always ensure our firm delivers to our full capabilities as trusted advisers.
The key, we believe, is to be persistently client centric. Helping our clients’ businesses succeed is at the heart of everything we do, and the Deloitte go-to-market strategy is articulated accordingly. Our main objective is to build stronger customer relationships based on a distinctive client experience, and our strategy for the future has these relationships at its core.
Clients expect the highest standards of quality, delivery and technical expertise from Deloitte. But in today’s climate, they are increasingly looking for more from us. Our firm must stand out through the impact we are able to make on the reputation and success of their business.
Lead Client Service Partners (LCSPs) play a pivotal role in delivering the firm to our clients. In this context, we invest significantly in a training programme at Deloitte University EMEA, where our partners can continually sharpen their trusted business adviser skills. To help LCSPs deliver the firm, all our professionals must also possess a deep understanding of each client’s business and industry.
Deloitte has a rock-solid belief in a positive future for anyone who is prepared to embrace the changes and to prepare for tomorrow. ”We have been in business for 170 years and we have seen the rise of many innovations,” says Rik Vanpeteghem, CEO of Deloitte Belgium. ”But there has always been one constant: our biggest strength was never the technology, but our people. A culture where innovation is stimulated is the most important guarantee for the future of a company.”